We had Luminii Energy fit our new pv system and can recommend them. We found them to be polite and professional. Very Happy.
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Energy conservation in all its forms is the easiest way to begin making your home more energy efficient. In the UK we have an aging housing stock with most homes falling way below the EU or Government guidelines for energy performance. By making small incremental changes and improvements we can quickly begin to see savings which ultimately mean less energy wastage and C02 reduction. 


We offer heating, electrical and insulation upgrades. These can be suited to your budget and requirements but essentially they are designed to bring your home, office or work place into the 21st Century regarding energy efficiency. No-one wants to lose money through a dafty roof or a poorly insulated water cylinder but many of us do. We can help. 

We offer the award winning Floor Store system from Loftzone designed to allow you to have the required effective depth of insulation in your loft whilst retaining a usable stable storage platform. Please give us a call to discuss further. 

Case Study

Chalet Bungalow with NO insulation of any kind
An uninsulated chalet bungalow with NO insulation of any kind. Our dream job. Our client ... Read more


I think we've already touched on this... Call to discuss if you're unsure of the benefits.

We are entering a new era, one of rapid and often unpredictable climate change. In fact, the new climate norm is change. The 25 warmest years on record have come since 1980. And the 10 warmest years since global recordkeeping began in 1880 have come since

Lester R. Brown, Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, 2009.