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Q: How much does using unseasoned wood effect the heat I get from my stove?
A: Using wet or unseasoned wood in a stove can have many negative effects. Firstly they give off a much lower heat output due to the fact that the fuel burning has a lower calorific value when burnt. Secondly it can play havoc with your liner as the gases given off during combustion can condense and form volatiles in the form of acids which corrode your liner greatly shortening its expected life span.
Simply put, source seasoned wood and invest in a moisture gauge. If wood delivered has a considerably higher that 20% moisture content send it back...

Did you know?

We live in the Weald, which if my schoolboy German serves me right translates crudely into Forest or Wood. Yes, we live in the remnants of a huge ancient woodland which stretched right up into London and the home counties in Saxon times. So it stands to reason that wood should be a readily available and carbon neautral fuel source for us lucky enough to live here. Carbon neutral because the fuels as wood consumed the exact amount of C02 during its lifespan as it discharges when burnt... nice.


We all love a fire and these little beauties are just an enhanced version of our early hunter gatherer camp fire... I defy anyone who can't appreciate the crackle, warmth and magic of a natural fire.

We offer a supply and fit or fit only service and can talk you through the process from beginning to end. As we are not affiliated to any particular brand we will only offer you the best option for your budget and needs.

We are HETAS trained. 

Case Study

Victorian stove installation
A large drafty Victorian home with a hefty heat load.  We calculated this home ... Read more


I'm going to relay a short story I experienced myself after installing my first wood burner many years ago... 

My then energy company asked me for a gas meter reading which I duly gave. A week or so later they wrote to me asking to confirm the meter reading I had submitted. I did. They then contacted me again to say that they refuted the reading I had sent and were going to charge me an additional £150 because my reading was far too low. I challenged this and calmly explained that I had in fact recently installed a wood burning stove and was enjoying its use on a daily bases... They didn't believe me. To cut a long story short I ended up inviting them round to read the gas meter themselves which they did and I also complained to OFGEM because their behaviour which was aggressive and dismissive. They apologised. 

And the moral of this story is... stoves are an absolute cracking heat source and if you can source some decent wood more the better...get burning.   

We've embarked on the beginning of the last days of the age of oil. Embrace the future and recognize the growing demand for a wide range of fuels or ignore reality and slowly, but surely, be left

Mike Bowlin, chairman and CEO of ARCO (now BP), speech in Houston, 9 Feb 1999