Solar PV
I have heard today that our solar panels have just been fully registered for the feed in tariff - and since the installation in July the sun has shone and I have learned how to re-plan the day for the maximum use of our own generated electricity. I am delighted with both the installation and the outcome.
Sarah Judd - Thomson Snell & Passmore Family


Q: What happens if anything goes wrong with the system?
A:  We pride ourselves on our customer care. That's before and after commissioning. We are so sure that you'll be satisfied with our service, that not only will we ensure you have a fully insured and backed system that we will give you a minimum 10 yr workmanship warranty as well so you can sleep extra easy at night. 

Did you know?

We can source and supply battery storage systems currently entering the UK market this year. With a battery storage system you can be effectively off grid. The grid supply will act as a backup when your homes energy requirements are not satisfied by the solar and battery store. This type of system is predicted to be the future for many domestic homes as the mix of renewable and traditional heating and power generators becomes more commonplace.

Solar PV

Despite the government's best efforts to disrupt and mismanage the renewable sector we believe that solar PV still offers a very good return on investment and with battery storage coming onto the market we can ensure that you will use every drop of energy your system generates. Saving you money and saving you energy.

Solar PV harnesses the energy of the sun and converts it into usable electricity via some clever little boxes and widgets. We at Luminii can help you design the system best for your needs and guide you through the process right up to commissioning. We will even help you complete your Feed In Tariff application if require.

Case Study

80kW PV install under construction
Our client was a high energy user growing lovely English apples for a well known fresh apple juice brand we all love and enjoy quaffing. His request was simpl... Read more


The FIT is still offering between 6 - 9% ROI and if coupled with other energy saving tech such as load switches, which send any excess energy to a designated load such as an immersion heater the figures still stack up. Energy is only going to become more expensive and unstable so by generating your own you are essentially insulating yourself from future energy instability. 

The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun

Ralph Nader