About Us

Hi my name is Danny and I've been involved in the renewable energy business since the late Nineties when I lived and worked on Australia's East Coast. 

Since returning to the UK in 2008 the renewable energy sector has grown considerably and despite some uncertain times and some questionable calls made by our government it looks like it is settling down to be what it was always intended to be, a proven, stable sector and a part of the overall energy industry. Simply put  we can no longer rely on any one form of energy and today more and more developers, builders and construction professionals are waking up to this reality and embracing the future.

If you'd like to know more about any of the services we offer or if you have a project you need some advice on just give us a call.

The sunlight ... that strikes Earth's land surface in two hours is equivalent to total human energy use in a year

Christopher Flavin in Worldwatch Institute (2008). Building a Low-Carbon Economy in State of the World 2008